Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday Presents!!!

So- my 30th birthday party has passed (today is the actual day, and I feel much better about the whole 30 thing). I received SO many different pans and gifts for baking I'm going to have to start baking more posting a LOT of new recipes! I received several cooking tools including: 2 Bundt pans, 2 Shortcake pans, a set of 3 Springform pans (all nestled in each other- yay for cheescake!), a square Springform pan (it is so cool!), a Heart baking pan (too cute!), a Tagine (for cooking Moroccan food!) with a Moroccan cookbook, and an Airbrush and compressor for my cakes! :) I will post pics of all of these wonderful tools very soon- but just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody who supports me in my endeavors... it means the world to me!

PS. I got lots of great non-cooking birthday gifts, but seeing that this is my cooking blog, I'm only listing the food-related gifts here :)  But all of my gifts were wonderful and very unexpected- and I thank everybody for wanting to celebrate this wonderful day with me! Much love to all of you!!!

*Here are just a few of the pictures- I have several more to post- but I have to get on a plane pretty soon ;)