Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower

 This baby shower was thrown for my younger sister by me, our mom, and our aunts in January, and I'm FINALLY getting around to blogging it.  The theme was "Sugar and Spice" and the colors were brown and pink.  It was such a fun shower!

 The dessert bar contained cupcakes from a local bakery, and various cookies baked by me in the "Sugar & Spice" theme: Orange Spice, Brown Sugar and Spice, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Spice, Snickerdoodle.
 A better view of the super-cute cupcakes!
The diaper cake and a view of the paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling- not edible, but added a beautiful touch!
 The drink bar included the Sugar & Spice theme and the Brown and Pink: Pink and brown water bottles, sugar rimmed glasses for the strawberry lemonade, and Vanilla Chai Tea with cinnamon sticks.
Food included: Tomato Pesto Croissants, Turkey / Ham / Roast Beef Sandwiches, Chicken Salad, Potato Salad (traditional family recipe used), Green Salad with Romaine / Spiced Nuts / Cranberries and Raspberry Vinagrette, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, a Vegetable tray with various dips and Baked Brie covered in Honey and Spiced Pecans served with an assortment of crackers.

The first favor was a brown and pink box filled with Hershey's kisses.
 The second favor was a tealight candle with a poem written on it - to encourage the recipient to say a prayer in the baby's name when she was born.

The third favor was "Seegars"- chocolate cigars from Sees Candy.

We had a fondue table with homemade marshmallows, rice krispy treats, sponge cake and various fruits.

The Flavored milk bar with: Chocolate, Regular and Strawberry milks.
Onesie Sugar Cookies :)
 The Mommy-To-Be chair with an adorable banner found on Etsy.

 Mommy-to-Be's reaction when she first saw the house (standing right next to her Aunt- one of the hostesses)

Mommy-to-Be in her first "real" photo of the day.

Mommy-to-be with her(our) mom.

Mommy-to-Be with Me (Older Sister).

Onesie / Washcloth Cupcakes- used for various table decorations.

Paper lanterns everywhere!

More paper lanterns and a view of the Sugar & Spice sign.

Another Sugar and Spice Sign in Pink and Brown.
Such a fun event- the entire family chipped in, worked hard, and put on a fabulous event.  My niece was born on March 5, 2011- such an adorable baby- I love her to pieces.  Congrats to my lil' sis!!!

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