Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Art Party Neon Cupcakes

My niece was turning two and she was having an "Art Party". My sister gave me artistic freedom on this project, so I decided to go with a very colorful and Jackson Pollock vibe. 

I laid a sheet down, put down some cooling racks, and covered them in brightly colored cupcakes that were topped with white buttercream frosting.  I thinned out matching brightly colored royal icing (I used AmeriColor gel food coloring) and dipped a silicone basting brush in each color, then just splattered the cupcakes with the icing.  

To make the cake topper "Smash" cake I used brightly colored "Sixlets" (candy coated chocolates).  The entire top was covered in Sixlets, and a number "2" was made on the side using the candies.

Once the party started to die down a bit, I made "to-go" cups for the cupcakes using plastic cups and a little bit of plastic wrap.  

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