Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lego Head Cake Pops

Lego cake pops were the request of the birthday boys... so lego cake pops they got. It was a fun adventure, and my favorite part was making the lego faces!  See the steps I took to make these below:

Bake the cake then crumble it into little pieces. Mix it with frosting until it becomes a loose dough. Don't add too much frosting or the cake pops will become soggy.

I balled up the "dough" and used a small round biscuit cutter to make the right shape.

Once the dough has been cut out, it should take on the middle sized lego head base.

Cut out small round pieces for the top of the lego head, and medium sized round pieces with a hole for the bottom of the lego head.
Place the lego head base on the stick then dip the end of the cake pop stick in melted yellow chocolate.

Slide the stick into the large part that was cut out earlier and press the two pieces together. Do not push the stick through the other side of the large cutout.

Place a little bit of chocolate on the small top part of the lego head.

Stick the small part on top of the pre-assembled lego head base.

Set the cake pops up to allow the chocolate to dry as you start to melt a larger quantity of yellow chocolate.

Dip the entire lego head dough assembly into melted yellow chocolate. Tap the pop stick lightly to help remove any excess melted chocolate, until the chocolate stops "dripping." 

Set the cake pops on a stand or in a piece of styrofoam to dry.

Use edible marker to write on the lego faces.  Wrap the lego heads in a food-grade poly bag and close off bag with ribbon or twist ties.

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