Friday, February 5, 2010

Sugar Cookie Cake

This cake is a new experiment of mine. I saw a version of this on; however, reviews of the recipe listed weren't very favorable. So I created my own version mixing a bit of WASC with the Sugar Cookie Vanilla Cake recipe on  CC.  I replaced milk with sour cream, modified the amount of Baking Powder and Flour, and eliminated Cake Flour to make it more of a pantry-friendly recipe.  I make some small test cakes and a 10" round and the cake turned out amazing! Easy to carve, dense enough for stacking, but still moist and fluffy! I hope you enjoy! (Here are the cakes right out of the oven- notice how evenly it baked!)

1 C room temp butter
2 tsp Vanilla
3 C Sugar
1/3 C Sour Cream
6 Lg Egg Whties (about a cup) 
3 2/3 C All purpose Flour
1 ¾ tsp Baking Powder
½ tsp Salt

*Pre-heat oven to 325
**Grease a pan with cake release

Recipe Steps:
Step 1: Cream together butter, vanilla, sugar and sour cream until smooth.

Step 2: Slowly mix in the egg whites (about 1/3 at a time)- keep the mixer on low for about 5 minutes as you mix in the egg whites. After 5 minutes, turn the mixer on medium for an additional 3 minutes- This step is CRUCIAL. Don’t under-beat or the cake might crumble after cooking.

Step 3: Mix together the remaining dry ingredients.

Step 4: Mix the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients about  1 C at a time until entire mixture has combined.  Continue to mix for an additional 2 minutes until smooth.

Step 5: Bake at 325 F for approximately 25-30 minutes in a 10” round pan or 9x9 square pan. 

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