Monday, June 27, 2011

Black and White Wedding Reception Cake

Good friends of ours were throwing a wedding reception for their daughter and son-in-law and were kind enough to involve me in their plans. When they asked me to replicate the actual wedding cake I was both nervous and excited. Copying the artistry of another baker as talented as their original wedding cake designer is most definitely a tough act to follow, but I truly enjoyed the experience.  Although my version of the cake was smaller and a little less refined, I am pleased with the final product, and I was happy to be able to practice skills I'd never tried before! 

 Aren't the bride and groom absolutely adorable together?!
So happy for you both!!

The Cake Layers
The top tier (Tier 1): Peanut Butter cake with Raspberry filling and Chocolate Buttercream, covered in a base layer of white fondant and a top layer of black fondant. The "pearls" are royal icing and the bow is fondant.

Tier 2: Vanilla cake with Bavarian Cream filling and Vanilla Buttercream, covered in a base layer of Vanilla modeling chocolate, then a top layer of black fondant. The layer is quilted, with "pearls" of royal icing.

Tier 3: Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese filling and Vanilla Buttercream, covered with black fondant. The scrolling is hand-piped royal icing using a size 4 Wilton tip.

Tier 4: Lemon cake with Raspberry filling and Lemon Buttercream, covered with a base layer of black fondant and accented with strips of white fondant.

I was so happy that the Bride and Groom enjoyed their cake replica- Congratulations to such a SWEET couple! :)


Jessica said...

Fantastic job!!

ally_m146 said...

That looks great! And they are so cute together:) Love her dress

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Aren't they just adorable! They had their first anniversary this week- it is amazing how quickly time flies!