Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vanilla Extract- 3 Months Later

Hello Vanilla Lovers!

This post is to follow-up to my original post 3 months ago titled "Vanilla Extract-a-Palooza." To recap- I had 7 different types of vanilla beans, and made 7 different types of extract.  The original photo looked like this:

And 3 months later the same bottles look like this:

Unfortunately I wasn't able to duplicate the lighting of the first batch- but I'm going to try to get new photos at a different time of day for documentation purposes.

About 2 months ago I added in slightly more vodka to fill the bottles completely to the top as a slight amount evaporated during the first month, leaving the tips of the beans slightly uncovered.

As you see all bottles got much darker,  but the Tongan vanilla was the least darkened in the 3 month time period.  The darkest extract was the Madagascar vanilla bean.

And here is the final packaging we gave to family members as gifts:


Debbi Fenton said...

Beautiful final packaging! How did you cover the top with the green?

Lena Sinclair said...

Hello Debbi, thank you very much for the kind words :)

The green top was a shrinking seal similar to this: http://labelpeelers.com/metallic-solid-light-blue-pvc-shrink-capsules-bag-of-30/?gclid=CjwKEAjw8_idBRCExfC15My3owwSJACSDX_WRJEFFx7aVrpvFmuTjDedzikJPPEocZ_iddADoPheuhoCzSjw_wcB

You place the seal over the top of the lidded bottle, then put the seal in boiling water which shrinks it to fit the bottle and provides a nice seal.