Friday, October 30, 2009

30th Birthday / Halloween Cake

Nothing says Birthday Cake like a Halloween themed RIP 20s cake (Thanks for the writing and tombstones Roxie :p ).  This is my 30th Birthday cake (yes, I made my own- I really wanted to play with some cake techniques).  As you see, it is a fondant covered cake with some fun chocolate and fondant characters covering the surface. This is my first attempt at a cake completely covered with fondant, so please humor me!

The cake is a Vanilla Butternut Sour Cream Cake filled with Bavarian Cream filling. The top layer is a thin layer of Rice Krispie treats to help produce the textured look of ground. The cake and Krispies were covered with a Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting. The cake is covered with black vanilla flavored fondant from Pila's Pantry and is airbrushed with edible silver airbrush paint. The cats were cut out of fondant, the tombstones were molded from white chocolate, the "spooky" tree was molded out of fondant, and the house was made out of Rice Krispie treats covered in white chocolate and airbrushed with edible brown airbrush paint, then topped with chocolate-coated graham crackers. 

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