Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fondant Figures

These are my Fondant creations. I purchased the fondant (no, I'm not quite confident enough to make my own- but someday I tell you, someday I WILL make my own Fondant) in two colors- black and white.  So far I have managed to make a spooky tree (that was my first attempt), an almost-complete skeleton (notice he is missing hands and feet, and his head is a little too small for his body), some cute black cats (who happen to be missing eyes and whiskers at the moment) and some fondant-covered marshmallow ghosts (aren't they cute?!). 

Making my fondant creations has been extremely therapeutic; however, they can be quite time consuming when attempting to make anatomically correct skeletal bones, and not speshul looking cats.  Although I am sure my mad skills will improve with time, I am pretty happy for my first attempt at making fondant figures for my spooky Halloween cake!

Sorry no recipe on this one- HOWEVER, I highly recommend using a fondant made by a local cake supply company, or purchasing flavored fondant online. I tried using the Wilton brand fondant, and was very sad to say that it was very difficult to work with and was not very yummy... the black fondant I bought at Pila's Pantry in Temecula, CA tastes like tootsie rolls, and the white fondant tastes like white chocolate- yum! I will post more of my spooky Halloween creations when I finish them later this week!

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